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Telemetry and SCADA systems allow you to monitor and control field operations across a widely dispersed infrastructure. From simple reservoir level measurement to well pad optimisation integrated with ERP, these systems are constantly challenged by emerging regulations, rapid technology change and industrial trends.Schneider Electric helps you face remote operation challenges with integrated, secure and reliable end-to-end Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions.Leveraging a proven track record in a wide range of industries and expertise in the areas of instrumentation, control and data acquisition, wireless communication and IT, Schneider Electric, Telemetry and Remote SCADA Solutions can help make the most of your remote operations and assets.

Trio Lisenced Free Radios


Common features include:

  • Configurable operational profiles: access point, remote, bridge, repeater
  • KwikStream™ high-speed single radio repeater mode
  • Dual antenna LinkXtend™ technology increases usable range
  • Repeater and Bridge units support locally connected user devices
  • ChannelShare™ collision avoidance for unsolicited remote transmissions allowing simultaneous polling and spontaneous reporting
  • SmartPath™ Technology for enhanced redundancy in network configuration

Trio Lisenced Radios


Common features include:

Serial MR450 | ER450 | EB450 | EH450

  • Compatible with most industry-standard data protocols, e.g. Modbus, DNP3, IEC870, SEL mirrored bits, etc.
  • Multistream™ simultaneous data streams allow for multiple vendor devices/protocols to be transported on the one radio network
  • Internal repeater operation – single radio store and forward
  • Channelshare™ unique integrated C/DSMA collision avoidance technology permits simultaneous polling and spontaneous alarm reporting operation in the same system


Industrial Hardened

  • Reduced energy consumption and cabinet size
  • Reduced cost of ongoing maintenance and repair
  • Operates in any environment with minimum conditioning

Open Platforms

  • Connectivity with new and legacy system
  • Reduced cost of training and support

Remote SCADA Software

SCADA Software
SCADA Expert ClearSCADA is an open software platform that provides powerful features for remote management of critical infrastructure. It’s scalable for large enterprise environments and effective for small systems alike. Historical field data is collected by single or redundant servers over dedicated long-distance communication infrastructure and made available to local and remote users via integrated clients and third-party data management applications.

Smart RTU

smart rtu
Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Optimised for Modbus-centric control and monitoring application in the most remote and challenging environments, the SCADAPack 100/300/32 range provides smart controller platform solutions with energy-efficiency, ruggedness and and cost-efficiency in mind

Wireless Instrumentations


Accutech – Battery-powered wireless sensor networks

  • Simply stated, Accutech is a line of battery-powered wireless sensor networks; a family of measurement and control tools used wherever challenging telemetry applications are found, including stranded measurement points, hazardous locations and mobile equipment
  • Characteristics, Low Cost of:
    • Deployment: no wires, trenching or conduit required
    • Operations: limited maintenance required