1. Blanket Contract for Project : Electrical & Instrument Works of BP Maintenance Services STC 0206.
    Starting 1 May 2007 – 30 May 2011 (4 Years) – BP Indonesia.
  2. Engineering Design and Supply CO2 Snuffing System for KKNB, LLF, LLE and KKA Project – BP Indonesia.
  3. Provide PLC Engineering to Perform Trouble Shooting and Modification (c/w MFG Certificate), and Supply AB PLC for Echo Water Flood System Project – BP Indonesia.
  4. Engineering Design, Supply Material and Install (SCADA H/W for Arkadia Site, H/W for PCP Site, Software for Arkadia and PCP, Additional Network Acc, Site Survey, Detail Design and Engineering, HMI Upgrade and Configuration for SCADA Upgrade Arkadia and PCP Pilot Project – BP Indonesia.
  5. Construction (Material and Services) for Fire and Gas System Turbine Compressor FPRO for Upgrade Fire Alarm and Gas Detection System – BP Indonesia.
  6. Engineering Design and Supply Heater Control Panel for Nilam Project – VICO Indonesia.
  7. Engineering Design and Supply Nilam Satellite HSSD and Nilam Fire Panel for Maintenance and HSE Building Project – VICO Indonesia.
  8. Installation, Construction, Start-Up and Commissioning for Heater Control Panel and HSSD System at Nilam Satellite (2, 4 and 5) and Fire System at Nilam – VICO Indonesia.
  9. Engineering Design and Supply Wellhead Control Panel for MRA, LES, KLB Project – BP Indonesia.
  10. Engineering Design and Supply Emergency Shutdown Panel for MRA Project – BP Indonesia.
  11. Engineering Design, Manufacturing Assembly and Commissioning of Load Shed Panel – VICO Indonesia.
  12. Installation and Troubleshooting for Power Monitoring Communication at Anoa Platform – Premier Oil.
  13. Supply and Retrofit of Mutiara Central Fire Panel FP-1000 Project – VICO Indonesia.
  14. Supply of real Time Well Surveillance (RTWS) panel for Semberah, Mutiara and Nilam Wells – VICO Indonesia.
  15. Engineering Design and Supply Loadshed Control Panel – VICO Indonesia.
  16. Engineering Design and Supply UPS 20 KVA C/W Battery – VICO Indonesia.
  17. Supply for Honeywell Master Logic PLC and Safety Manager Simulator System – BP Indonesia.
  18. Gas Feeder Facilities for PT. Bekasi Power Modifikasi Panel Genset – Bekasi Power.
  19. Supply Allen Bradley PLC and Accessories for Compressor at Rimau – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  20. Supply for AT ACB Terasaki Modification – Premier Oil.
  21. Maintenance of Real Time Well Head Surveillance System – VICO Indonesia.
  22. Well Surveillance Skid C/W RTU Panel, Battery – VICO Indonesia.
  23. Installation and Calibrator for KLA Debbottleneck Project/MOL Pump Reactivacation – BP Indonesia.
  24. Master Logic PLC & Safety Manager Simulator System – BP Indonesia.
  25. Provision of Ex Electrical Maintenance Technician Service – Premier Oil.
  26. Call of Order for Instrument Supply – CNOOC.
  27. Jasa Pembuatan Instalasi & Commitioning Fire & Gas Detection System di Comp – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  28. Jasa Perawatan Peralatan Listrik di Area Rimau – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  29. Provision of Maintenance Inspection, Troubleshoot of FPSO and ANOA Switchgear – Premier Oil.
  30. Supply of PSLL Remote Overide System at GOV PK-64 & PK-52 – VICO Indonesia.
  31. Pemasangan Instalasi Fire Foam System Tank Oil Turbine Unit I-V – Krakatau Daya Listrik.
  32. Anoa FPSO Maindeck Lighting Replacement – Premier Oil.
  33. Attaka Telemetri – Chevron Indonesia Company.
  34. Automation WWTP SH-1- Yogyakarta – Sari Husada.
  35. MCC Drawer Modification – Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ.
  36. Jasa Hazops Implementation dan Recommendation for Rimau Block – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  37. Supply Generator Set – VICO Indonesia.
  38. Jasa Rekayasa Pengadaan & Instalasi H2S Monitoring di Area Rimau – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  39. Automation Mix Blendy – Sari husada.
  40. Blida DPPA Halon 1301 Automatic Fire Supration System Replacement – Conoco Phillips.
  41. Supply Cable Connector – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  42. Chevron Attaka P&CP Control & Shutdown System – Jetec for Chevron Indonesia Company.
  43. EOR Kaji Project – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  44. Installation of Inclinometer and Piezometer – VICO Indonesia.
  45. Rekayasa, Pengadaan & Instalasi Fire & Gas Detection System Untuk Mendeteksi & Memonitor Kejadian Kebakaran & Kebocoran Gas di Power Plant Kaji Satellite & Semoga – Medco E&P Indonesia.
  46. South Sembakung Gas Plant Project – Raga Perkasa Ekaguna for Medco E&P Indonesia.
  47. CO2 SNUFFING Package for BA and LESA – Pertamina Hulu Energy ONWJ.
  48. Supply for Fire & Gas Panel – Star Energy (Kakap).
  49. Install SCADA Monitoring Well Oil Remote Platform and Oil Processing Platform – CNOOC.
  50. Supply Smoke Detector – Trubaindo Coal Mining.
  51. Nynas Oil – Chevron Indonesia Company.
  52. Fire Gas Panel – VICO Indonesia.
  53. Etc.