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Flame Detector

Optical Flame Detectors designed to perform in the harshest environmental conditions and connect directly to alarm or automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Phoenix Triple Infrared Flame Detector

Phoenix-Triple-IR-210x210The Phoenix Triple IR Multi-spectrum flame detector utilizes advanced technologies to deliver the highest level of accuracy available which reduces false alarm events and provides rock-solid performance in any environment. read more

UV/IRS Ultraviolet/Infrared Flame Detector

Phoenix-Triple-IR-210x210Net Safety’s Ultraviolet/Infrared (UV/IR) flame detector reacts to both UV and IR flame radiation delivering accurate and reliable fire monitoring, yet is immune to arc welding, hot body radiation, lightning or sunlight.  read more

Single UVS Ultraviolet Flame Detector

Phoenix-Triple-IR-210x210Net Safety’s Single UV flame detector reacts to the ultraviolet radiation found in hydrocarbon fires, delivering accurate and reliable fire monitoring. The Single UV does not react when exposed to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight. read more

Hydrogen H2 Flame Detectors

Phoenix-Triple-IR-210x210Net Safety’s Hydrogen flame detectors are specially tuned for non-hydrocarbon based flame applications where accurate and instant detection of difficult to see hydrogen and silane fires is required. read more

FlameWatch II – Flame Detector & Video Camera

The FlameWatch II system brings together two technologies for advanced protection. The system is designed specifically for applications where a high performance flame detection solution and visual analysis/record of an alarm event is required. read more

Gas Detector Transmitter

The Millennium II Series of universal fixed gas detection transmitters provide an advanced micro-processor based control and communications interface for our advanced Toxic (ST3 Series) and Combustible (SC3 Series) Gas Sensors.

Millennium II Single Channel Transmitter

The M21 universal transmitter has a full character OLED display and is compatible with both the SC3 and ST3 series of SMART combustible and toxic gas sensors. Wireless communications available via THUM communicator.
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M22 Millennium II Dual Channel Transmitter

The M22 universal transmitter has a full character OLED display with dual channels to cover more area with a single transmitter and mix and match both the SC3 and ST3 series of SMART combustible and toxic gas sensors.

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Millennium II Basic Single Channel Transmitter

The M2B universal transmitter has LED indication and is compatible with both the SC3 and ST3 series of SMART combustible and toxic gas sensors. Wireless communications available via THUM communicator.

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Toxic Gas Sensors

ST3 SMART Toxic Gas Sensors utilizing Electrochemical and NE-MOS sensing technologies ensure continuous, reliable coverage and alert for the presence of a wide range of toxic gases.

ST3 XChem Toxic Gas Sensor [Electrochemical]

Using the latest in electrochemical sensor technology, the ST3 XChem sensors continuously monitor your site for a wide range of toxic gas types. Fast and accurate while requiring only periodic calibration and maintenance.

ST3 NE-MOS Toxic Gas Sensor [Metal Oxide Semiconductor]

The solid state NE-MOS technology is ideal for dry/hot applications with fast H2S response times – nano-enhanced sensing element composition greatly improves the overall performance and stability of this toxic gas sensor.

ST3 XChem Oxygen O2 Gas Sensor

The ST340 (O2) Deficiency Detector is designed specifically to alarm when oxygen levels deviate from the ambient value of 20.9%. It provides a fast, accurate and repeatable response within a detection range of 0 to 25% oxygen.

Combustible Gas Sensors

SC3 SMART Combustible Gas Sensors utilizing Infrared and Catalytic Bead sensing technologies provide fast, accurate detection of a wide range of flammable (LEL) gases.

SC311 Infrared Combustible Gas Sensor

The SC311 SMART sensor utilizes the latest advancements in optical infrared sensor technology to achieve fast, accurate and repeatable responses with long sensor life and reduced calibration frequency.

SC310 Catalytic Bead Combustible Gas Sensor

The SC310 SMART sensor includes our SensorGuard technology which protects sensors from poisoning damage caused by extended exposure to high concentrations of combustible gas, ensuring long-life and continuous protection in a trusted, field-proven solution.