Wonderware HMI/SCADA Software Solutions

wonderware_SIHMI/SCADA solutions often impose complex demands on software architectures. Wonderware InTouch HMI Visualization, coupled with the award-winning ArchestrA-based Wonderware System Platform is uniquely positioned to meet these challenges.

Solutions built on ArchestrA technology benefit from a single, open and scalable software architecture that can connect to virtually any automation system, remote terminal unit (RTU), intelligent electronic device (IED), programmable logic controller (PLC), database, historian or business system in use today. The open nature of this platform enables users to expand their existing systems without having to buy new hardware or control systems.

Geographically dispersed applications, from a few hundred to one million I/O and from a single node to hundreds of stations, can be rapidly and securely implemented.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use, easy to implement
  • Easy configuration, simplified maintenance
  • High security and availability
  • Virtually unlimited scalability

Key Capabilities

  • HMI visualization and geographically distributed SCADA
  • Template based development and maintenance
  • Remote application deployment and change management
  • Data level security built into the system
  • Easy and flexible alarm definition
  • Data collection and analysis for new and existing systems
  • Easy-to-use report generation
  • Open access to historical data


Wonderware InTouch HMI

wonderware InTouch HMIInTouch software provides graphic visualization which takes your operations management, control and optimization to a whole new level.  The InTouch HMI reputation stands above all the rest.  What the industry now knows as Human Machine Interface (HMI) all began with InTouch software over twenty years ago. No other HMI can match InTouch software for industry leading innovation, architectural integrity, unequaled device integration and connectivity, uninterrupted software version migration path, and truly legendary ease of use.

All this leads to well designed standards-driven systems that maximize productivity, optimize user effectiveness, increase quality, and lower development, maintenance, and operational costs helping to make your company the best it can be.

Key Benefits

  • Truly legendary ease-of-use enabling developers and operators to quickly and easily be more productive
  • Unequaled device integration and connectivity to virtually every device and system
  • Stunning graphic visual representation and interaction with your operation brings the right information to the right people at the right time
  • History of uninterrupted software version migration path that means your HMI applications investment is protected

Key Capabilities

  • Resolution independent graphics and intelligent symbols that visually bring your facility to life right on your computer screen
  • Sophisticated scripting to extend and customize applications for your specific needs
  • Real-time distributed Alarming with historical views for analysis
  • Built-in, real-time and historical trending
  • Microsoft ActiveX controls and .NET controls integration
  • Extensible library of over 500 pre-designed ‘intelligent’ and customizable graphic and object symbols

Wonderware ActiveFactory Software

wonderware Active Factory SoftwareWonderware ActiveFactory trending, analysis and reporting software provides rich data analysis and reporting capabilities that maximize the value of data stored in the Wonderware Historian.

ActiveFactory software provides data-trend analysis, sophisticated numerical-data analysis using Microsoft’s Excel® spreadsheet software, comprehensive data reporting using Microsoft® Word, and the capability to publish real-time and historical plant information to the Web or company intranet site using Wonderware Information Server.

Plant knowledge workers using ActiveFactory information can quickly troubleshoot problems, study potential process inefficiencies and eliminate the time-consuming process of locating the data.

Key Benefits

  • Improve plant productivity
  • Improve plant agility and performance
  • Proactively identify process inefficiencies
  • Simplify plant performance reporting

Key Capabilities

  • Real-time and historical data trends and reports
  • Scheduled and ad hoc plant reports
  • Simplified data queries
  • Integration with, and support for Microsoft Office® via Excel® and Word® add-ins
  • Integration with Wonderware System Platform components including Wonderware Historian and Wonderware Information Server

Wonderware SCADAlarm Software

SCADAlarm SoftwareSCADAlarm alarm and event-notification software provides a telecommunications link to industrial automation software systems.

SCADAlarm software seamlessly integrates with the comprehensive Wonderware product family and has built in browsers to enable fast configuration of information from Wonderware System Platform and InTouch HMI software.

Alarms can be vocalized over speakers, intercom systems, radios, multimedia speakers, PA systems and telephones. Users can listen to and acknowledge alarms, change set points, hear exact values of variables, and operate equipment via telephone from remote locations, saving valuable time and money. Included in the SCADAlarm product case is a tested full-duplex voice modem to enable you to get up to speed right out of the box.

SCADAlarm is an essential tool for SCADA systems in all fields, from Water and Wastewater through Facilities Management to general plant alarm automation.

Key Benefits

  • Remote Alarm Notification for geographically isolated workers
  • Reduce need for 24 hour staffing at all facilities
  • Local voice annunciation for plant-wide status broadcasting
  • On-demand information on process conditions and variables
  • Included PCI modem tested and validated for use with SCADAlarm

Key Capabilities

  • Text-to-speech capability for maximum flexibility
  • Multiple delivery mechanisms (phone/voice, PA/speaker, pager, email etc.)
  • InTouch HMI and ArchestrA alarm acknowledgement capability
  • Voice recorder allows maximum customization
  • Flexible scheduler allows message delivery based on shift, day or time

Wonderware Device Integration Servers

csi_clip_image013 csi_clip_image014Connectivity to your plant/facility devices is key to real-time information management. Wonderware maximizes your choices with the broadest possible communication options for industrial automation and information devices. In collaboration with more than 100 third-party interface developers, Wonderware provides the largest selection of connectivity options to hundreds of control systems such as PLCs, RTUs, DCSs, flow controllers, loop controllers, scales, gauges, bar code readers and other hardware devices. Wonderware has also fully embraced the openness of OPC technology, exposing data via OPC from our products as an OPC Client and also providing the means to connect to any third party OPC Server.

Wonderware makes device integration more maintainable by using Device Integration Objects (DI Objects) within the Wonderware System Platform for seamless connectivity to any data source. Wonderware also offers the DAServer Toolkit which empowers you to create your own connectivity server.

Key Benefits

  • Separation of application code from device communications management- so both can be easily managed and updated
  • Takes a flat, non-structured device and gives it structure, where it can be more easily incorporated and managed in a distributed system.
  • Takes individual communications paths and makes them available globally for any application to use
  • Allows communications and device naming to be different for the same application, allowing re-use on any machine
  • Support for OPC standards

Key Capabilities

  • Create one application and have it automatically bind to PLC/DCS/RTU addresses at run-time
  • Create templates that can be used with any manufacturer of PLC/DCS/RTU with different naming conventions for addresses
  • Create common SCADA and HMI Applications for different PLC/DCS/RTU  types
  • Support for OPC standards