Single UVS Ultraviolet Flame Detector


Net Safety’s Single UVS ( Ultra-violet ) flame detector delivers high performance detection designed to meet strict industry performance requirements. A precisely tuned spectrum of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by our advanced UV sensor to initiate a fire condition, yet it is immune to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight — so false alarms are considerably reduced. The Single UVS is designed for simple installation and lower maintenance costs while delivering superior safety performance.

Enclosed in a rugged, explosion-proof housing, the Single UVS uses the latest in modular microprocessor and UV sensor technology — delivering accurate and reliable monitoring for hydrocarbon and metal-based fires.

It’s capable of stand-alone operation or can be connected to a variety of control devices to create a dependable fire monitoring system. The user can define sensitivity and time delay settings and the built-in testing routines ensure continous operation.

The Single UVS has a Field of View of up to 120 degrees and is available with Analog, Relay, and HART Protocal output configurations, including a wide operating voltage range of 10-32 Vdc with low power consumption.

Net Safety has engineered a superior UV flame detector that is simple to operate and maintain while delivering all the security and performance required for high-risk, industrial installations!

  • Field of view of up to 120 degrees - Wide coverage per detector
  • Explosion-proof, Class I, Division 1 certified - Suitable for hazardous locations
  • Low Power Consumption, Wide Voltage Range - Lower overall costs, voltage drops non-issue
  • Multiple Output Options - Analog, Relay, Digital RS485 Modbus RTU protocol, and HART Communication protocol with optional ground-level HART Communicator input
  • Connect indoors and out, directly or up to 2000 feet away - Flexible installation
  • Immune to sunlight and hot body radiation - Limits false alarms caused by nearby activities
  • Adjustable swivel mount - Simplifies installation and lowers cost
  • User programmable sensitivity and time delay settings - Fine tune performance to specific applications
  • Multi-colored, high intensity LEDs - Visual detector status in the field
  • Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces - Allows maintenance scheduling by evaluating cleanliness
  • Watchdog timer monitors internal electronics - Continuous system self-diagnosis
UVS [Flame Detector] (Ultraviolet) P/N: UVS-XXX-X-XXResponse Time: < 6 sec (dependant on fuel source, fire size, distance)
Field of View: 120 degrees horizontal / 95 degrees vertical
Spectral Range: UV Radiation 185 to 260 nanometres (1850 to 2600 angstroms)
Sensitivity Settings: High/Med-High/Med/Low (Field Selectable via dipswitches)
Time Delay: 0, 3, 5, 7 seconds (Field Selectable via dipswitches)
Temperature: -50°C to +75°C (-58°F to 167°F)
IP/NEMA Rating: IP66 – NEMA 4X
Metallurgy: Aluminum or 316 SS
Voltage Range: 10 – 32 VDC
Power Consumption: Analog model – Nom 1.1W / Max 2.76W (@24VDC)
Relative Humidity: 0-95%, Non-condensing
Warranty: 3 years electronics/2 years sensorsFor other outputs and complete specfication please download Product Data Sheet.
Net-Safety-Single-UVS-210x210 Net-Safety-single-UV-SS-210x210
Price: $100.00
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