VACON 50X (0.75 ~ 132kW)

  • Power Range :  0.75kW to 132 kW
  • Voltage : 110, 220, 400–500 and 600 VAC
  • Simple operation using standard Vacon X programming
  • Multi-language display – no codes to learn
  • Wireless programming using PDA-trAC+® from your Pocket PC
  • Application macros to take the hassle out of getting started
Vacon’s X series is a rugged family of variable speed AC drives, built and designed for harsh industrial environments. They come with IP66/UL Type 4X and IP55/UL Type 12 enclosures for the ultimate protection from potential hazards such as moisture, dust or extreme temperatures. VACON 50X and VACON 500X offer high performance and a load of features for a wide range of industrial or outdoor applications with capabilities ranging from simple press-and-run keypad operation to a real-time clock, advanced PLC functions and a USB port interface.


  • IP66/UL Type 4X Indoor and Outdoor Use enclosures through to 100 HP; IP55/UL Type 12 for 125 HP and above
  • Withstands 1,000 PSI washdown from 6 inches away on models though 30 HP
  • Thick injected foam and metal covers protect against bumps and misuse
  • Withstands 1000 PSI washdown from 12 inches away on models through 100HP
  • ARCTIC Mode maintains safe operating temperature in cold locations
  • Built-in 9-step PLC function
  • Modbus RTU as standard fieldbus communications
  • Dynamic Breaking resistors included as standard
  • Real-time clock


  • Toughest enclosures able to withstand power washing
  • Intuitive programming and smart user interface make series easy to adopt
  • Advanced process options for precise control and flexibility
  • Decentralized solution which is mountable near where it is being used
  • Versatile; Operable from keypad, remote signals and computers
  • Simple navigation and programming
  • No need for separate PLC = reduced system costs





Price: $100.00
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